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Welcome to Glen Hay


Glen Hay Entrance

Glen Hay is a gated community located on Nantahala Lake in Macon County, NC, near the towns of Andrews, Franklin, and Murphy.  With a total of 90 acres for home sites, it features large lake view lots and private lake access.  All homesites overlook the lake, and many have excellent lake and mountain views.  Since Glen Hay is bounded on its other three sides by United States Forest Service land, you are protected from overdevelopment and your investment is enhanced over the long term.  

Glen Hay Commons contains two parts:  Lakefront Commons and Lakeview Commons.  The latter has a sweeping view of the lake just below from a large open recreation area with room for volleyball, badminton, and similar activities.  Planned  enhancements to Lakeview Commons include an open pavilion for shelter from a sudden rainstorm and where community activities can be held with basic protection form the weather. Lakefront Commons features picnic tables connected by walking paths set in a landscaped park overlooking the lake and a lakefront beach for swimming in an area with gently sloping land for easy access to the water. 

 In Glen Hay Marina,  private lakefront lots are available for purchase with selected lots, allowing  boating, swimming,  and other lakefront activities in your own space.   Marina lot owners can launch their boats at the adjacent public ramp,  then leave them moored at  their own boat dock or other shoreline facility.  All the private lakefront lots have electrical power and private temporary parking for vehicles and boat trailers.  

Nantahala Lake at just over 3000 feet elevation is one of the highest elevation large lakes in the Eastern United States.  Fed by pure mountain streams, the lake is truly beautiful year round.  The surrounding mountains provide equally scenic views. Many recreation activities in addition to those provided by the lake and mountains are within easy driving distance.  Whitewater rafting,  trout fishing unsurpassed in the Eastern US,  mountain biking, and many others are yours for the choosing.  


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Home Page | About Us Glen Hay Commons Glen Hay Homes | Glen Hay Marina  | Glen Hay Aerial Photo | Contact Us Loan Calculator 

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